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Too frequently we have seen dogs trying to walk on salty sidewalks, holding up their burning paws and asking their humans to help them! There are other paw-protection products on the market, but most require you to remove your glove, stick your hand into a jar, and smear it on your dog’s paws … and then what do you do with your sticky, icky hand?

That’s why we created Paw Guard®, the original portable paw protector that’s completely 100% all natural with no chemicals. Paw Guard® is non-staining and won’t harm your floors. It’s safe enough for you to use as lip balm and it’s completely safe for your best friend. And don’t put it away when the winter is through! It can also soothe hot pads after walking on scorching sidewalks or hot sand – competition dogs use it year round to maintain healthy paws.

Apply Paw Guard® to the pads of your dog’s feet and in between the toes,
put the tube in your pocket, and go! Your best friend will thank you!

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